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Hagerstown Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Washington County Dog Bite Claims: Seek Fair Compensation

While most people love dogs, it's also important to recognize that any dog has the potential to become dangerous and bite. That's why we're dedicated to helping dog attack victims who serious dog bites and animal attacks have injured.

Some dogs have been raised in environments where aggressive actions are encouraged or, even worse, rewarded. Other dogs may be irritable due to old age or illness, while others may react to an unknown trigger. No matter the reason, our firm is here to defend your right to win the compensation you deserve.

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Immediate Steps After a Dog Bite in Hagerstown

The first thing you should do after a dog bite is to seek out medical attention. If the bite is severe, call 911 right away. A medical professional inspects even minor injuries from a dog bite to ensure no complications or infections.

Not only is this step necessary for your overall recovery, but having the medical records to show for your dog bite injury claim will help to solidify your case.

Key Actions to Strengthen Your Dog Bite Injury Claim:

  • Document Your Injuries with Photos: before and after medical treatment, if possible, and throughout the recovery process.
  • Identify the Dog and Owner: it is vital to positively identify the dog's owner if you are to hold someone legally responsible. Take a picture of the dog, if you're able to. Identifying the dog and its owner will also help you obtain a vaccination history, potentially sparing yourself from getting a series of painful and expensive rabies shots.
  • Keep a Written Record of Your Recovery: in addition to taking photos, keeping a written record of your injuries and recovery process is very helpful. Witness statements can also help your case.
  • Report the Incident to Authorities: this may seem like an obvious step, but filing a report with the local animal control agency and/or law enforcement is essential. This will help to provide legal documentation for your claim.

Understanding West Virginia's One Bite Rule

West Virginia follows a law called the “one bite law” when it comes to dog bite liability. This law states that in most cases, a dog owner cannot be held liable for inflicting injuries if it is their first offense. Once a dog owner is aware that their dog poses a threat to others then they are held liable for any other injuries their animal inflicts.

A lawyer from our firm will be able to conduct a thorough investigation into whether or not the dog who injured you or your loved one was a first offense or not. We can also inform you of your rights and options following a dog bite injury.

Determining Liability in Dog Bite Cases

First and foremost, owners are responsible for the dangerous actions of their dogs. Dog owners must follow the leash law and dog bite laws of their residence or any other place that they may visit.

When you file a dog bite legal claim, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be going up against the dog owner. This may come as a relief to those who've been injured by a dog owned by a family member or friend.

In most cases, our dog bite attorneys can go up against the insurance company that provides renters or homeowner's coverage to the dog owner.

Recoverable Damages in Dog Bite Injury Claims:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy treatment

How Our Hagerstown Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help You

A dog bite injury attorney will provide a number of services to a client who has experienced a serious dog bite. First and foremost, the dog bite attorney will help their client identify the liable owner of the animal that inflicted the injury. Depending on the circumstances, this may include proving negligence or recklessness on the part of the owner for failing to take proper care to protect others from an aggressive or dangerous animal.

The attorney can also assist with obtaining medical records and witness statements to further strengthen their client’s case. Additionally, they can research local laws and statutes related to damages from dog bites and work with insurance companies to ensure that their client receives adequate compensation for their injuries. Finally, a good lawyer will be able to negotiate a settlement for their client that is fair and just for both parties involved in the incident.

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