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Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

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If you've been hurt in an accident, you're bound to have questions about which course of legal action to take. Britt•Reed Law Offices understands you want quick answers, so our Hagerstown injury lawyers have provided information on some common queries.

  • Personal Injury FAQ

    • What Is Negligence & How does it Affect my Case?
      In law, negligence is defined as failing to behave with a standard level of care that any reasonable person would take in the same circumstance. This can refer to either acting in a manner or failing to take action in a way that endangers others. For example, a common form of negligence is texting while driving. Any reasonable person should know that driving while distracted can cause danger, therefore if an accident occurs because of this, this would be considered negligence. If the actions could have reasonably been prevented, then it most likely counts as negligence.
    • What Can Financial Compensation Help Cover After an Injury?
      Financial compensation seeks to recover all the damages you lost after an accident that you did not cause. This can go toward paying back medical billslost wagesphysical therapy costs, and to make up for pain and suffering. Other things that can be covered are the loss of companionshipcomfort, and financial support if you've lost a loved one, loss of earning capacityemotional distress, and household services if you are unable to upkeep a home.
    • How Do I Know if I Have Grounds For a Case?
      For any personal injury case to be viable, negligence or carelessness must have been the cause of the incident that caused your injury. You must be able to prove that you played no part in the incident and that the at-fault party was acting in a reckless manner or did not take proper precautions. The only way to make certain that you have grounds to file a personal injury claim is to consult with a lawyer.
    • Who Is Responsible For an Injury From a Dog Bite?
      Most of the time, the owner of the dog or animal will be considered to be responsible for the attack. While this is not true all the time, generally it is determined that the owner caused either the behavior in the dog due to the way they care for the animal or that they failed to take precaution with an animal they knew had a propensity toward aggressive behavior.
    • What Are Contingency Fees?
      Contingency fees are a helpful mode of payment that allows for anyone to be able to pursue justice after an injury, even those without the means to cover expensive legal fees. With contingency fees, a lawyer agrees that the client will not have to pay unless the case is won and compensation is recovered. Once the compensation is received, the lawyer will take their payment out of the recovered sum and the rest will go to the client. This way, the client doesn't have to worry about large fees if the lawyer is unsuccessful in winning compensation. There is no risk to the client with contingency fees!